Wildwood Acres RV Park Rules
It is your responsibility to know these rules and apply them during your stay at Wildwood Acres RV Park. Your cooperation is appreciated!

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE.

  • Weekly & Monthly Rates apply ONLY when PAID IN FULL in ADVANCE.

  • Absolutely NO Refunds.

  • Absolutely NO Electric Heaters.

  • All Reservations must be cancelled 3 days in advance, or you
    will be charged for the ENTIRE AMOUNT for the Reservation.

  • On the Property
    - Drive slow in park (10 mph), children are present.
    - Quiet time is from 9:00 pm to 9:00 am. Be respectful of your neighbors.
    - No campfires allowed.

  • Garbage
    - Keep your RV space clean and free of clutter.
    - Break down large boxes before putting in the dumpster.
    - Throw garbage towards the back of dumpster.
    - Do not empty grill charcoal in the grass or gravel.

  • Bathrooms
    - Do not flush any feminine products down public or private toilets.
    - No hair cutting.
    - No smoking or chewing.
    - Clean up after use! Wipe down shower and sink when finished.
    - Keep the doors closed!

  • Laundry room- Balance your loads, you cannot do extra small loads.
    - Do not overload washers or dryers.
    - Clean lint trap after use.
    - Keep the door and windows closed so the a/c and heat can be used properly.
    - Donkey Kong game, to play, plug in; unplug when finished.
    - Clean up after use!

  • Pets
    - All pets must be on a leash in park!
    - Pets are not to be tied up outside!
    - Keep barking to a minimum, respect your neighbors!
    - Clean up after your pets immediately in all areas, (this includes the woods, the fields, the ditches and the RV park) and dispose of in the garbage!
Non-compliance of rules is grounds for immediate eviction.

609 Wildwood Acres Dr
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